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Friday, February 08, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Jen in Chicago inspired me to audit the contents of my bag. I dumped everything out onto the kitchen floor and cataloged the contents like an archaeologist digging through the ruins of Pompeii. Man, I'm a pack rat.

Bag audit part 4: Right outside pocket

Main pocket contents: Left pocket: Right pocket: What's in your bag?

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I don't know how you carry all that weight on your back. I did the backpack thing for 2 days and I was sweaty(er) and the extra weight on my back was bad!

Although if I ever need something I hope you're around!
Heavy bag: Hence the audit, Jared :-)

I've found that messenger bags hang lower on my back and the weight is partially supported by my hip. Less weight on my back than a backpack and less sweat, too.
A Contest!. And a bunch of other stuff.

The Contour Backpack is actually quite comfy if adjusted properly. It's got a nice lumbar frame and some good suspension.
...jeez, mcgyver, you got everything in there but...ah, sunglasses & this bright california sunshine...

...hey, actually i'm the one that would like to be up there in the rain lookin' at cool bikes...
Aw nuts, now I feel compelled to go back and take a picture of all my stuff.
=v= I see a lens on your list but not the camera itself. Was it used to take the photo? :-)

Lesse, I mostly have a subset: rainjacket, tools, cellphone, Caltrain destination tag, and 2 maps; plus my camera, chocolate, a few issues if The New Yorker, more chocolate, my passport, and whatever paper I picked up during the day, to recycle.

I don't have 7 Bike Friday Pocket Rocket manuals.

You can't cycle uphill enough.

I hate every extra ounce and am considering removing my spleen to help go faster.


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