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Thursday, February 28, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

I posted the Lucas Brunelle video last night. I guess you might say I admire his riding after a fashion, but there's no way I'd ever ride like that. I obey the traffic signals and mostly ride legally, at least as legally as most people drive, anyway, and probably more so -- I'm one of those ninnies who comes to a complete stop at stop signs, even when I'm driving, and I usually like to be the good example. I always watch for traffic and take the right of way only when it belongs to me.

We see the coolness of alleycat races as shown in Brunelle's video, but sometimes they result in tragedy. 29 year old cyclist Matthew Manger-Lynch followed the field through a red light and was struck by an SUV. From the article, it sounds like Manger-Lynch was generally a responsible cyclist but got caught up in the heat of the moment as he approached the finish in the alleycat.

Via fixed gear and mentioned in several other blogs.

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...i dig those videos to some extent cuz when i was way younger, i did some crazy stuff on bikes & skateboards...

...but i gotta say, fritz, there is no need to apologize for riding & driving's not only safer for you, but it's good for the cycling 'environment'...

...when i'm out on my fancy-ass road bike w/ all the kit including the white sidi's & i'm stopping at all the signs, it's interesting to keep a corner of an eye out for the expressions on driver's faces...kinda like "whoa, he's obviously into it AND he's stopping"...

...stopping regularly IS a pain but every time you accelerate from that stop sign, you're making yourself stronger, if ya do it right...
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