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Monday, February 25, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Some of you might remember Dorky Doug. Doug is the safety minded bicycle commuter with his old Bell helmet, yellow jacket, and reflective pant straps who likes to play games with me. I haven't seen much of Dorky Doug since the monsoon season started in California.

I was cycling down Bryant Street in Palo Alto this morning. The rain has finally broken and I enjoyed beautiful sunny skies on my commute for almost the first time since Christmas. I feel wonderful, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and I'm catching up to a white Nissan Murano in front of me. Out of the corner of my eye to the left I see a flash of the familiar and *zoom*, Mr Safety Minded Dorky Doug with his safety helmet, safety vest, safety reflective leg straps and, I now discover, his safety Air Zounds horn, runs his stop sign at high speed and zips right toward me, seemingly out of control. I veer right into the curb and tumble headlong into somebody's rose bushes, while Dorky Doug swoops left behind the Murano.

Curse you, Dorky Doug! I'll get you for this!

Remember, kids, if you ride like a dork, please dress like a dork so we can see you and take evasive action.

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Whoa, not cool. At least he's highly visible, I guess.
Always (you should see my new bright orange helmet!), but I'm not that obnoxious. Good grief.
Man, that's my neighborhood! If either you or DD see a nice lady in a skirt on a white Peugeot, could you both steer clear of me?

I honestly can't understand why two grown men would play such dangerous games with each other. It's all fun and games until somebody goes splat on a fender!
Hi Michelle, I had the clear right of way and was Just Riding Along and *kablang* Mr Clueless careems right into my path. I think he was watching the Nissan and me on my little bike was just background noise as far as Dorky Doug was concerned.
I'm thinking the guy is legally too impaired to be driving, and honestly dangerously impaired on the bicycle too... but has to get places...

Good luck with Doug *and* the drivers who make righteous assumptions from their holy, high perches. Don't want 'em to knock us off ours ;)
Please! Somebody bring back the Skid Lid so we can spot these people at greater distances!
Man, this guy sounds like a serious tool.
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