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Monday, February 18, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

It's been good to meet up with several people in the big world of bicycling. This Web 2.0 thing is partly about social networking and it's nifty to connect the world of the web with meat world while I was at the Tour of California race start in Sausalito today.

Say hello to Bob Mionske, the bicycling lawyer and book author. That's his buddy Sky Yaeger behind him.

Bob Mionske

Speaking of Sky Yaeger, here she is showing us how to control the bike.

Sky Yaeger on the Swobo Otis

The woman in the Fox shirt is Erin, the marketing mind at Swobo bikes. She's riding a pre-production Swobo Del Norte bicycle.

Erin with the Swobo Del Norte

This Italian guy is Fulvio Aquati, the General Manager of Deda Elementi in Italy. He's riding a Swobo Novak town bike. I love his sock!

Fulvio Aquati on a Swobo

Meet Jonathan Tessler, the man behind Bicycle.net.

Jonathan Tessler

This is Marilyn Price, the woman who runs Trips for Kids. Trips for Kids is a non-profit that helps disadvantaged children discover the joy of mountain biking.

Marilyn Price Trips for Kids

Below are Peter Cossins, editor for Bike Radar and other cycling publications, Gary Boulanger, writer for Bike Radar, and Gary's daughter Sam. Some of you might remember Gary as the man behind Gaansari and Fisso Bikes. Gary is also known as The Bike Evangelist.

20080218 025

Tony Tom here owns A Bicycle Odyssey, a bike shop in Sausalito. He started the shop in 1975 when he was just 19 years old.

Tony Tom owns A Bicycle Odyssey bike shop in Sausalito

The guy at the cash register is Andrew, who manages A Bicycle Odyssey, a bike shop in Sausalito. He's a really nice guy.

Sausalito Bike Odyssey

bikesgonewild played host for me in Sausalito. He wishes to remain somewhat anonymous, but he's an amazingly nice guy. Those Enduro cycling pants are from Europe and look tres cool. Check out is old school Bianchi converted to SS with shorty bars.


Last but not least, a shout out goes out to the lovely lady behind the wheel of this Rock Racing Cadillac, who impatiently yelled at bikesgonewild and I to "GET OFF THE ROAD" when she was behind us and couldn't figure out that we were in the left turn lane in order to turn left.

Rock Racing Cadillac

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...fritz...it was great fun to meet you & check out the sights, sounds & people of big time american bike racing in a local setting...
...even the chick in the rock racing behemoth...

...sheesh, i looked over my shoulder & then arm signaled well before we made our cut...must be that 'micheal ball empowerment course' she took...hah !!!...
Looks like The RR SAG team loves to Road Rage.

Very cool Fritz! It looks like you are having a great time getting out and meeting people (with the execption of the Rock Racing escalady).

bikesgonewild, Nice bike. Aren't you a little worried though now that it is out on the web for the entire world (and BSNYC) to see. Seriously, though, it's pretty cool that you an Fritz got to meet up. That is what is so cool about blogging.
...james...ya, meeting & hanging w/ fritz made for a fun day w/ a cool blogging connection...

...two brakes, single speed but no fix gear, a teapot bell ???...i'll be called out for being a wuss & ya know, somehow i just don't give a rat's patootie...

...to be honest, it is a great fun bike to ride & it's not unusual to head out to the local store w/ a messenger bag over my shoulder, keep goin' & end up doing a 25 mile ride "just cuz"...
Hi Fritz,
Thanks for stopping by our booth at the Tour de California expo in Sausalito and for including mention of Trips for Kids on your site. We love having the chance to inform others of what we do. We have 58 chapters at present and would want to sign up many, many more in the years to come. With everyone's help we can get more at risk kids out of the city and on bikes...Marilyn Price
Did you salute Ms. Rock Racing in the Chicago way?
...jennifer...nah...sometimes people are so clue nada it's not worth that 'special' response...

...we were more or less laughing like "what ???" between ourselves...

...it was kinda obvious what we were doing but she was all caught up in being part of the pre-race caravan...that's not the part that closely follows the race, that's the part that just meets 'em at the finish...
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