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Monday, March 10, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Oakland cyclist was world champion athlete.
Kristianna Gough of Oakland, the 31-year-old cyclist struck and killed Sunday along with a San Francisco rider, Matt Peterson, 30, was an Olympic candidate and the third-fastest, non-professional women's triathlete in the world, her mother said today.

"People who knew her will tell you, she was a phenomenon. She broke all records. She started cycling only a short time ago to gain strength in her legs for the Olympic triathlon," Gough's mother, Karen Clarkson, of San Leandro, said. "She won every race she entered. She was her happiest when she was out on her bike or running," she said.

"She had road accidents before and she would always tell me how dangerous it was, that bikes were invisible, that people did not see them and even sometimes, they would go out of t heir way to run her off the road," Clarkson said.

Cyclist Matt Peterson

Good Samaritan at bike crash says deputy believed he fell asleep.
There was no sound to warn of what he'd find when he caught up to his friends. Instead, there were just screams of pain.

Brasse, a project manager with Genentech, said his First Aid training kicked in. He began trying to help Gough.

"She stopped breathing so many times," said Brasse, "Each time I told her, 'baby, keep breathing. You're strong.' "

Brasse was too focused on Gough to notice what else was going on. But Renshaw, who came up on the crash scene later, said that [the driver, Sheriff's deputy James] Council appeared to be in shock.

Kevin Valerio, who was riding with the group but pedaling behind Brasse, said Council seemed very disoriented at the crash scene. Another deputy on the scene was walking Council to her car, he said.

She also discourged Council from talking with the quickly gathering group.

"She said don't talk to those people, put her arm around him and took him to the car," Renshaw said.
More links on Kristy Gough and Matt Peterson at Biking Bis.

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It doesn't get any better :(
...i may be very wrong in my initial assessment of the help that i assumed the deputy was able to offer victims...
..it seems that intelligent response by other cyclists played a bigger role...
...apparently training didn't prepare the deputy for something of this nature...
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