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Thursday, March 13, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Last summer Cyclelicious reported on the Cannondale Jackknife folding bicycle. Cannondale announced that because of overwhelming interest from customers and the media, they decided to move forward from concept to reality with the production of the Cannondale ON bicycle.

Cyclelicious talked with Cannondale product manager Yngwie Malmsteen, who claimed the ON will fold to "fit a small carry on suitcase." We were skeptical until Yngwie showed us this amazing video.

Find out more about the Cannondale ON urban bicycle (yes, it's real) at Cannondale Community. Treehugger, via WIRED.

In other news, James reports that sales of "hybrid bikes" were up a healthy 6% in 2007 over the previous year. According to the research service he cites, "Consumers are taking to bikes like never before, and they've got good reason. The expense of maintaining, fueling and parking a car is making them think twice about all those short trips to the grocery store, and even the commute to work." In spite of recession (or perhaps because of it?), "one sector of the economy that did surprisingly well in 2007 was bicycle sales." Something that may take some wind out of that trend, though, is the news that prices are expected to increase this year on everything throughout the bike industry -- from semi-finished product suppliers; component makers up to bike manufacturers. The prices are expected to be raised by at least 10 to 15%!


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Teo to one it will NOT be available in the US just like their other commuter bikes.

I think you linked the wrong video - all I get is a "Star Wars Bagpipes" clip ;)

I'm getting the Star Wars clip too, but I guess it's kind of appropriate considering Darth Vader would love to ride this mean looking bike.
So after the video, you were less skeptical? Haha.
It's the right video, all right :-) Google for the product manager's name if you don't know who he is.
With all this news, the scuttlebutt about the attention-to-cycling ad could just fade away! Seems the creators *did* notice the rip-off. Bikebiz notes it and oh, my, the advertising blogging scuttlebutt is most amusing. And There I thought it was just a little video about cycling...
But it's not even April yet, but we're getting fooled? I am SO confused!

I did know who Yngwie Malmsteen was, though...I figured some leg-pulling was going on!
Hurray for Ghost! Another old metalhead like me.
A trailer hooked to the seat post could be the bike's carrying case, ala Bike Friday.
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