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Thursday, March 13, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

I previously posted my quick notes on the important bicycle safety show on KQED in San Francisco this morning. I've now had a chance to edit my notes and provide greater detail about this important discussion with a multimedia component in this modern age so you can picture the players!

Michael Krasny is host of the "The Forum," a radio show about local issues on public radio KQED in San Francisco.

Guests on the show included: Now here's my carefully editted transcript of today's show.

AA sockpuppet: "Cyclists should be more CAREFUL. When a driver falls asleep and careens over to your side of the road at 60 mph, it's YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get out of his way. Cyclists really should do a better job of being good ambassadors!"

Leah Shahum:

Sean Co: "FUH2. Cars kill. Bikes are best."

Rob Anderson:
"You maniacs are insane using an inherently dangerous toy to get around. Grow up. Kids ride bikes, adults drive big trucks. Get out of my way or I'll run you over!"

Shahum: "FUH2. And SUVs suck! Cars are deadly death machines that kill."

Nick Carr (of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission): "Critical Mass forever!"

Krasny then takes calls from listeners.

First, there's John from San Bruno.

"I ride a bike, and cyclists must obey the laws, come to a complete stop, wear helmets with propeller beanies on top, flashing lights, flash flags, safety vests, and full body armor for the inevitable accidents."

Shahum responds: "Let's talk about scofflaw motorists instead. FUH2!"

The second caller is Helen. Helen doesn't like the cyclists on Cesar Chavez.

"Bikes are a menace! They get in my way. I own the road!"

Shahum responds: "FUH2! Cyclists take the lane! One less car!"

Derek Liecty of the East Bay Bicycle Coalition then came on the air.

"Drive your bike. Cyclists fare best when they act and are treated as drivers of vehicles. Read John Forester's Effective Cycling daily for good mental health, Right Thinking and strong bones."

Finally, Michael came on the air. He's a frequent caller to the show and he's been a cab driver in San Francisco since the Vietnam War.

"We should be more like China. FUH2! I love cyclists, even the ones who flip me the bird."

Final words from Shahum ("FUH2! More bikes, less cars!") and the AA Sock Puppet ("Wear a helmet to protect yourself from out of control dozing drivers") closed out the hour.

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...you have obviously lost yer mind..."not that there is anything wrong w/ that" !!!...

...thanks, bud, chuckles have been few & far between since sunday...great pictures of the guests...intelligent quotes...hah...
A shout out to Sean Co -- a fellow banana slug cyclist and an old friend -- if you're reading this, good to see you're doing good things for the world!
This post has been removed by the author.
Thank you for this honest and completely unbiased transcript :)
Noted cycling authority, Dr. Walter Crankset of the University of Southeastern Oklahoma extension campus at Broken Elbow,offered to "fly out to California, kick some ass, and set them damfools straight!" But due to his last unfortunate trip there, one with continuing legal entanglements regarding his mistaken status as a fugitive from the California penal system, he may have to content himself with a strongly-worded statement regarding the veracity, integrity, intelligence, and dubious parentage of the panel participants.

...except for you, Fritz. He says he thinks of you as the son he never had. But if he asks, don't loan him any money.

Very humorous summary of the program. The most frustrating feature of the show--the cranky call-ins are always an unavoidable aspect of any program on bicycling--was Rob Anderson's appearance. It was a program on bike safety; what could he offer on that topic? Did he have an alternative approach for improving bicycling safety rather than improved street design and safer accommodation? No. Just wants bikes out of the way. Absolutely ridiculous of KQED to give him a platform.

Leah, of course, punched back mightily.
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