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Tuesday, April 08, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

That's the price per gallon of regular unleaded gasoline at this Shell gas station in Palo Alto this evening.

$4.01 per gallon in Palo Alto!

It shot up a nickel from this morning when it was priced at $3.969. At other stations in Palo Alto a more typical price is around $3.88 per gallon. What's gasoline running for in your area?

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How much for air?
$9.50 a (imperial) gallon in the UK with current exchange rates, so about $8 for a US gallon

People still buy cars that do less than 25 mpg here :( but at least riding a cycle makes me proportionally richer :)
I wonder how bad it would be if we had two oil men running the country? Oh wait.....
Up in Halifax, Canada, it's $1.182 CAD/L = $4.43 USD/US Gallon, says Google. It used to be more expensive, but the low US dollar is evening things out...
Last night I noticed $3.20.9 per gallon in Prairie Village Kansas.

I still prefer coffee and M&M's as my fuel of choice.
Over $1/Litre is historically very high for Canadians, right? Canada exports quite a bit now from Alberta to the USA these days.

Warren, Product W is a performance enhancing drug -- be careful you don't get caught!
Don't get mad...but I filled up at $2.979 a gallon a few nights ago. For everything people say about New Jersey, our gas prices are still the best (plus we don't need to get out of our cars to pump it!).
when i left the costco up in i work at last night, it was 3.669. i live in humboldt county, and most of the places charge 5-10 cents more, while shell charges 20 cents more. they seem to consistently charge the most for gas.
The last time I drove (2001), it was 99 cents a gallon. Gas will never be priced high enough to replace the lives of those killed in order to fill someone's gas tank, those killed by the pollutants, and those killed by the morons driving.
Great! I wish gas prices would hit that level here in South Carolina. We probably have the cheapest gas in the nation, currently around $3.15, but that doesn't stop people from complaining about the prices. Still, with summer blends kicking in, I hope we will hit the 4 dollar mark soon. There has to be a point where people stop just complaining and actually change their habits.
ha ha ha hello, i'm french and here it is 1.5 €/L I don't know for a gallon sory....
if i can trust my calculator, the price for 1 gallon here in Italy is about 8.24 US$ !!
we're up to $3.50 us per gallon, but last year was $2.50, and few years ago was $1.50 or less... so it's quite a bit higher than usual.
At the moment in the UK it costs about £5.04 U.K pound per gallon which works out at about $9.85 U.S Dollar.
It costs way to much to run your car here expecially when you only get 18mpg :(
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