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Tuesday, April 08, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

It's time to clear out my backlog of old bicycle news and study up on my GRE vocabulary.

This photo depicts a Mad Cat rider at the 8 hour Boggs Mountain Bike event. Photo by Ken Conley, who's posted 300+ photos from the event to his website, including some fun Crimes Against Photography. What pulchritudinously prolific facial hair.

Some of you might remember the anomalous case of Michael de Broin in Toronto. As he and his friends drove his human-powered Buick down the street, he was pulled over and ticketed by the local constabulary. Rather than complaisantly paying the fine, the intractable de Broin had his day in Court a few days ago. As the prosecution vacuously described the danger of the vehicle's antedeluvian candlelight illumination, the courtroom "erupted in giggles". Local Justice of the Peace demonstrated his sagacity by dismissing the case. The placated defendants celebrated by taking their Buick for a spin. Via.

Bike to School Month is April 28 to May 23 in the Cleveland area.

The Sierra Club descries the bicycle as a two wheeled wonder.

The city of Fort Collins, Colorado enervates the inchoate American bike share movement with the laudable opening of a new bicycle lending library. Read more here and here. The new library has 50 bikes to lend to the public, free of charge, with bikes available from two locations. Lenders can borrow a bike for up to a week.

A new Major Taylor Memorial opens May 21, 2008 in Worcester, Mass. Details here.

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...the whole micheal de broin escapade is just great...bicycle art to the highest degree...
...i'll always have reservations about the sierra a founder of velo club tamalpais back in the '70's here in marin, we aligned ourselves w/ their organization to our mutual satisfaction & benefit...then came the advent of the mtb & they became one of the strongest vocal critics of off road cycling in california...& now they're writing paeans to the bicycle ???...hmmm...
...the bicycle library is a great concept & i really hope it works out...raises my spirit at a time when there is so much apathy or even antagonism towards cyclists in many communities...
...what can you say about the beautiful sculpture in tribute to marshall "major" taylor...long in coming but so well deserved...there ought to be a plaque at every velodrome in usa describing his efforts as not only a champion bike racer but as a righteous man in a racially divided world...
Crimes Against Vocabulary
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