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Wednesday, May 14, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Here's the Silicon Valley forecast for Bike to Work Day 2008.

San Jose bike to work week weather and pollution forecast

In a nutshell: sunny, hot, and with elevated ozone levels. The "USG" in the graphic means "Unsafe for Sensitive Groups." I still encourage you to ride your bicycle as fewer cars means less ozone, but stay hydrated, take it easy if you're not heat acclimated and avoid routes with heavy traffic if that's at all possible in the South Bay.

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Crikey, 94 degrees! It was 41 degrees this morning when I rode in. We're looking at maybe 70 today for a high.
I have to stand next to a fire to feel 103F.
The heat is mostly during the afternoon. During the morning rush hour, temperature will still be in around 70F. Evening might be a little toasty, though. Caltrain is an alternative, if it is not too crowded.
Wait -- 103F?! In May?!?! Am I reading that wrong?
Yep, 103°F, though the forecast has been revised down to 101 now. The BAAQMD has issued an ozone alert for Thursday, too, advising everybody to avoid outdoor activity on bike to work day.
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