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Wednesday, May 14, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Jamie Zawinski aka jwz is a well known computer programmer who helped author the original Netscape Navigator web browser and made significant contributions to the open source Mozilla browser and XEmacs (a text editor). These days he runs a night club in San Francisco.

He posted jwz's bicycle wisdom to his blog. His feeling are apparently hurt because some people disagree with his "wisdom", but it's still a worthwhile read. I agree with some of his collected wisdom, and some I disagree with. Big deal.
I've been using a bike as my exclusive transportation in SF for about ten years. I've always ridden, but that's when I stopped driving a car except under extreme duress.

Here's how to begin your adventure as a commuter-bicyclist in San Francisco....
Read more at jwz bicycle wisdom.

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He did get one thing right...

> If you try to dangle bags on your handlebars, you will die.
I agree with most of that.

Of course, I'm not even evolved enough to use emacs (still stuck on vi), so I guess I'm even more of a luddite than he is.
..."it's like i farted in bike-church"...hah !!!...considering my occasional "transgressions" i can relate to that line...
Glad he's got a job that suits him ;) Clearly, advice honed in an exploring, flexible mind - and a guy with peachy social skills, too!
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