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Friday, May 02, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

The height of urban hipster style is demonstrated in these tight yet baggy pants from Soulful Commando.

Tight and baggy jeans

I'd think the bagginess might interfere with my pedaling form on a fixed gear bike, but I've never let function get in the way of style before. From Gawker, which calls these "the holy grail of pants." Via Bike Hugger.

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It almost hurts to look at those.
This reminds me of a sketch (Monty Python?) where a man is relaxing on a couch giving an interview on his new suit which is designed to fit and look perfect when seated. He describes all the features and then, when the interview is over, he gets up and the arms of the suit spill over his hands and fall down to his knees and the pants bunch up around his ankles.
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Even funnier is the juxtaposition of the pants with the banner ad above them: "Meet Singles Into Cycling".

5/02/2008 11:
It does hurt to look at those. Ow...
...sometimes, nothing expresses stupidity quite like, well, ah, obvious stupidity...

...& jeezus, those are just frickin' goofball stupid...
So you can pretend to show your boxers without really showing your boxers.
Man, it's all about those upside-down suspenders:)
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