Separated bike lanes proposed for S.F. Market Street

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Thursday, May 08, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

A group headed by the business-backed Market Street Association, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and the civic think tank San Francisco Planning & Urban Research Association is hatching a new idea to improve Market. The thought is to create dedicated bike lanes, physically separated from vehicles, such as has been done in Frankfurt, Germany; Copenhagen, Denmark; and closer to home in Eugene and Bend, Ore.

Proponents of that idea have sketched out a primitive design in which sidewalks and traffic lanes would be narrowed along some downtown segments of Market Street to accommodate a dedicated bike path.
Read more in the San Francisco Chronicle: "Despite efforts, Market Street traffic lingers"


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With all the intersections on Market Street, many of them complex and angular, it's going to be quite a trick to design functional sidepaths.
That's kind of what I thought, too.

"sidepath" -- that was the word I was hunting for. (I was in a hurry when I posted and couldn't retrieve the word!)
...this will be interesting to see how it plays out on the sf political front...
...& you gents are quit right...on the physical level, it's gonna be a real fuster cluck, no doubt...
Aside from the design challenge, there's also the lawsuit against the SF Bike Plan that forced the city to do a full environmental impact report. Bike-related infrastructure in SF is on hold for another year or so until that's settled.
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