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Tuesday, May 13, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Railroads in the United States pay for their own police forces. They are certified law enforcement officers and carry full police and arrest powers. Railroad police have full peace officer status in some states, while in other states they are limited to enforcing the law on railroad property.

From the Union Pacific Railroad Officer Down Memorial Page:

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Comments:'s nice to be liberal but somehow we've become maybe a bit too liberal...instigators seem to have an amazing amount of rights, while victims &/or their families, not so much...

...& they used to hang horse thieves back in those days because to steal a man's horse was to deprive him of the means of survival in a harsh environment...
...not a bad idea for bike thieves in this day & age...urban traffic setting == harsh modern environment...

...just sayin'...
Very poignant. I completely agree with bikesgonewild.
Couldn't agree more. Sounds like a perfectly good reason to question the sanity of liberalism. :)
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