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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Here's the view under my desk at work this morning. That's three pairs of cycling shoes with clipless pedal cleats under my desk.

3 pair of bike shoes under my desk

I brought my street shoes home Friday before the long weekend and I forgot to bring a replacement pair into the office. I get to pad around in my stocking feet or clomp around in bike shoes today.

It's not about the bike. I had a nice 22 mile ride to work this morning from San Jose with Dan, who manages a BIOS group in my building. I was wearing in the neighborhood of $400 of cycling gear riding a 17 pound carbon fiber bicyle and carrying only a wallet, while Dan was on his old steel LeMond Buenos Aries wearing worn out discount bike shorts and a ratty t-shirt that flapped in the wind. Dan is a year older than me and had a backpack distended with enough luggage for a weekend trip, but it took just about everything I had for me to keep up with him as he powered down Central Expressway at 25 mph. I have no excuses. Bah.

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Ha! I have done the same thing. I always ride in without work shoes or a belt because I leave those at the office. One time I took my shoes home and forgot to replace them. I spent as much of the day as I could at my desk only occasionally venturing to the breakroom or the printer in my socks. Thanks for sharing; glad to know that I am not the only one.
This will serve as good a advice for me. You know what the market needs - office shoes with recessed cleats! Crazy idea but it'll interest some people.
I have a pair of old dress shoes, a dremel and some spare cleats. I'll see what I can do and maybe post it as an Instructable :-)
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SPD casual shoes, I have been waiting for such things. I wonder what people I work with think as I clonk down the hall.
Thank heavens I wore my MTB shorts instead of my usual bibs (still a little damp... FROM WASHING) on my commute to work last Thursday. I though I had my work clothes in the office but I forgot to take them in. Walking around in socks, black shorts and a plain black jersey was bad enough... can you imagine the looks if I had my red and black PI Microsensors and fav Twin Six (The Cross) jersey.. hey, maybe I should try it... :D
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