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Monday, May 12, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Jonathan at SFist writes:
We were there through the bitter season--the mud, the rain, the cold, the mid-afternoon sunsets. With dripping, grime-streaked rain gear covering our heels and neckties, we rode our rusting, filthy commuter bikes to the Caltrain station all through the winter, a sweaty, soggy bunch, smelling of mildew and Tri-Flow.

And now, with the arrival of the easy, sunny days of spring, you’ve joined us. And we’re happy to see you, really.
Cyclists disembark Caltrain at Palo Alto Station on Bike To Work Day
As Jonathan writes, the bike cars on Caltrain have been getting awfully crowded lately. I too see a lot of shiny brand new bikes, some with price tags still dangling just like those showing what Minnie Pearl paid for her big hats. Welcome aboard, and please read the Caltrain tips for newbies page. Read more at SFist.

In other news:

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Those destination tags are a really good idea. Do some/most folks use them or is it just the year-rounders like you?
Wow, you guys have it good. I fortunately don't have to lug my bike on the train very much at all in Chicago, but doing so for commuting is basically impossible. Bikes aren't allowed at all on mass transit or commuter rail trains at rush hour. And with gas prices going up, ridership is increasing on transit, prompting the agencies to expand the list of train runs that don't allow bikes.
@Grundle: We yell at the newbies who don't have tags, throw their bikes off the trains, and give them swirlies in the onboard chemical toilets so, yeah, most people have destination tags.

&Eric: I think Caltrain was the first commuter rail line to allow bikes on board. There's a recognition that cyclists are among the more loyal Caltrain users, but the system also probably isn't utilized as much as Metra, allowing Caltrain this luxury.
...hey now...if you're gonna follow bikesgonewild methodology, yelling & swirlies are allowed but don't throw the bikes off the train...damn...
...threaten to give the bikes to "trips for kids" where good things can evolve...see if that doesn't wake 'em up...
Cry Havoc! And let slip the newbies of spring! (my current favorite battle cry) Val
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