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Monday, June 09, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

World leaders are jumping on the bicycling bandwagon.

Hugo Chavez rides a bicycle

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez rides the atomic bicycle. The bicycle, built in Venezuela by an Iranian company, comes from a new factory that Chavez says will eventually manufacture up to 100,000 bicycles a year. Read more.

The United States currently imports nearly one million barrels of oil per day from Venezuela. Iran currently imports about 40% of its gasoline, which explains why they need all of those Venezuelan bicycles.

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Just because a tinhorn dictator rides a bike doesn't mean he's a good guy. He's still just a tinhorn dictator.
Not only is he a tinhorn dictator (or a military strongman), but he doesn't wear a helmet!
Reflectors and a bottom-mounted water bottle holder?

I live in Venezuela...The revolution is so fake...just like the bike the fat colonel is riding.

It is the wrong type of bike for the "poor" of Venezuela. What is needed is more of a Breezer approach; commuter bikes, folding bikes, and folding utility bikes...that would be revolutionary! Not fake mountain bike-looking objects.
...foto op !!!...betcha it's nothing more than a foto op...

...but good & informed comments by 'mimbres man'...
He gave up golfing to fight terrorism and now rides his bike.
Some of these comments are really weird. Chavez is far from a dictator. He won elections that are internationally recognized as free and fair. Some people really need to get news and information from sources other than the corporate media.
Chavez may won his 2006 election, but the electoral board, the CNE, has never published the final results as far as I know. Same with the most recent referendum where his bid for indefinite re-election lost.

Don't be fooled or naive. He still rules as a dictator, even though he is elected. His ministers are a bunch of thugs and yes men, his revolution is not really revolutionary at all. Examples: There is TONS of corruption, violent crime is 300% higher now than it was in 2000.

Back to bikes...I saw another photo of that bike he is riding. Cantilever brakes, and a 1" headtube are hardly revolutionary. The frame looks about the same caliber of bike you might get at a big box store. Cheap...not worth the money.

What people need here is a better infrastructure; roads for cars, paths for walking and biking, reliable clean water, sewage/waste water treatment on a country-wide scale, and other services that people in the USA/Canada/Japan/Europe take for granted.

Folding bikes, like Dahon or Breezer, would be way more revolutionary.

Most "transport" bikes I've seen here don't have working brakes. The cantilevers or V-brakes are usually just hanging or missing. Probably old school coaster brakes would be safer and more practical.

I have a paraplegic friend in the USA who builds custom bike frames for a living. Even from a wheelchair, he's build more bicycles than Chavez's Iranian/Venezuela bike factory. What a joke!

I really think this a cover for something much more sinister.
It is funny that USA with elected president Bush that is sure that cheated and stole the position from Al Gore with the help of MEDIA speak about dictactorship in Venezuela. Maybe next time you can talk and for human rights in other countries as long as there is Guantanamo.
Oh, yes, the absolute technologic solution for all the venezuelan problems, the "Tierruo"-bike. It's the product of the last 10 years of revolutionary government efforts in political relationships. I'm sure "el pueblo" will thank him, so happy that will forget all the little problems like criminality, corruption, racism (by him introduced) and hunger in the 5° oil productor country in the world.

An emigrated venezuelan.
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