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Sunday, June 08, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Illinois Senator Barack Obama returned home to Chicago to join family and friends for a bicycle ride along Lake Michigan on Sunday. Read more and see more photos.

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Wow, they totally rode down my street, I recognize the houses in the background. No wonder traffic was weird around here yesterday afternoon!
I was gonna say, whoa, that's, like, here!
Unfortunately, he's riding on the sidewalk because the street was full of press and Secret Service agents.

What's in the trailer?
That's a trailer bike for children. Obama has two young girls. Interesting that the press avoided snapping photos of the kids -- I wonder if there's some sort of voluntary blockade against photographing the young children of presidential hopefuls?
Mr. President - assume to be so...
Please put your saddle higher and inflate your rear wheel. May I ask to be your personal bike repair man ;-)

j/TATI beat you too it, I'm afraid.
Blah, and I can't spell. What's my job again?
...i'll bet barack can kick george w's ass on a bike...but even if it's close, obama just has to wait for bush to crash...

...& while i think you're right, regarding the press extending that courtesy, fritz, hopefully we'll see the whole obama family together on the inauguration podium, come the new year...
I wondered after his long term smoking habit, whether his lungs could take anything at all.. I think he'll make a better climber than Bush.
W would probably lose as he would turn right instinctively and miss the better path.

Before he departed for his last trip to Europe today W said "both the U.S. economy and European economies need to be flexible in order to deal with today's challenges."

How flexible is Peter's VC approach in managing the DOTs?
...ron...they say even battered, smoke scarred lungs recover significantly w/ exercise & quitting...

..."box of choclates" is probably a plodder on a bike or maybe i should be polite & call him a 'roleur'...
And his foot position is abominable. He needs to come down for one of our "pedaling for pleasure" rides and get off the sidewalk :)
Well, BikePortland covered his campaign stop to the city last month. I don’t know if Obama knew how bike friendy Portland is before going in but he seemed impressed by what he saw. Also, Chicago is supposedly one of the more bike-friendly cities in the country. Makes sense that he would be open to promoting bicycles. The sidewalk thing irked me until I realized he had his kids in tow.
Change we can believe in!
First thing I noticed: Low tire pressure. Bike is too small for him.
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