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Tuesday, June 17, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Barack Obama met at the Chicago home of SRAM vice president F. K. Day with Bikes Belong executive director Tim Blumenthal and other board members of the Bikes Belong Coalition last week. Obama pledged support for increased funding of bicycle and pedestrian projects, including the Safe Routes to School program, if he's elected president.

They always meet with defense contractors, big oil, automakers and the financial industry, but has any other sitting president or presidential candidate met with bike industry leaders and made a similar promise?

Does anybody know, for example, if Jimmy Carter promoted bicycling for transportation at all? I know that Ralph Nader believes cycling is too dangerous, saying that, "Competing on city streets against heavy motor vehicle traffic is not fair for a bike rider. I'd walk."

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"I'd walk" ... I've had more close calls in crosswalks then I have on my bicycle. Walking is not necessarily a safe activity.

Disclaimer: I was hit by a truck when I was in 8th grade. I ran through a stop sign and got hit by a truck going 25+ Mph. I survived with only a small ankle fracture. I was NOT wearing a helmet.
Oh, the irony of Nader's comment. Surely he, with his background, should know that walking is more dangerous than cycling.
Ha Chris.

Watch out for the helmet police. 8>)
When I was in 8th grade I don't think we had helmets.
...hope the man gets the nod & in turn, steps up to the plate for cycling...

...nader: highly intelligent...has always had some extremely creditable & workable ideas...sometimes doesn't show the common sense of a banana slug...
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