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Monday, June 09, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

CycleDog has a good post on how to avoid and treat the things that can go wrong with the "taint." Take care of yourself.

Which reminds me of Dave Zabriskie's hilarious article in "Main-Taint-Ance." It used to be on his site but I can't find it anymore, but here's a copy floating around the web.

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Make it easy for your self and get a Brooks saddle. It certainly works for me, I have never ridden so far and so comfortably without having to use chamois cream or any special 'taint' treatment at all.
Z-Man now has a special product called DZNUTS just for this issue. Go figure, Lance makes Wristbands, Hincapie has a clothing company, Z-Man makes Taint cream. Long live the Z-man.
I have Brooks Professionals on both commuter bikes, and there's no denying that proper saddle fit is key to riding comfort. But we're all shaped differently too, so what works well for me may not work for the next cyclist.

Really, the RBR piece is far more detailed than mine. If we intend to ride day after day without encountering long-lasting problems, it's important to have such a wealth of information on hand. It gives us a variety of tools to combat the problem.
DZNuts is a real product? I guess I just thought it was another one of Z's jokes...
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