Thursday: Bike or transit?

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Thursday, June 19 is free transit day in the San Francisco Bay Area. Transit will be free until noon on BART, Caltrain, ACE Train, Amtrak Capitol Corridor, and the Bay ferries. Transit will be free all day on all participating Bay Area bus and light rail providers. See this page for details.

I can't decide whether to bring a folder and ride the train to take photos and video of the insanity, or to just enjoy myself and ride my bike the entire distance.

Which should I do? What will you do? Help me decide!


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if you can ride the whole thing yourself you should, rather than taking up room and burning more fuel or taking room away from someone else.

and being self sufficient is more fun!

you don't have to change your life just to have something to blog about! :-P That sounded harsh, sorry didn't mean it that way.
Thanks for the heads-up! I probably would have stamped by 10-ride and then gotten bumped.

I'll probably train it, as getting on mid-peninsula provides a little insulation from the insanity to-be in SF and SJ.
Taking the train will give you more interesting fodder for this blog. But do whatever makes you happy!
I'm already planning on riding both directions, SF to Sunnyvale, being able to easily bail out to CT at PA on the way down or BART at Millbrae on the way home.
free transit = complete zoo on caltrain. i'll be riding both ways. i will try to meet up @ diridon if you do the same.
No question: folder and Caltrain documentation. It's your obligation as a blogger! ;) I agree with 295bus.
Take the folder-ride the rails. Some of my favorite stories on life in Chicago were experienced when riding the rails.
Jack - some of us, Fritz, myself, 295bus, are experiencing a little too much life on the rails these days...
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