Assaulted cyclist chases down attacker

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Props to Paul M for this news from Boulder, Colorado: a freakazoid pulls up alongside 23 year old cyclist Danika Bueno, grabs her left breast and tries to pedal away. Danika, who's biked across the United States twice, gave chase while calling 911 on her cell phone. The perverted perp is caught.

Read the full story here.

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Obviously a loser, and I am glad he was caught, but child abuse?
I was wondering about the child abuse charge too.
Out of curiosity: how come she's a “cyclist” but he's a “freakzoid”? He was on a cycle too, you know.
The Freakzoid (sic) class inherits from base class cyclist, not the other way around, and adds some very non-useful member functions, despite still including the member functions cyclist::balance and cyclist::pedal
Pardon my typo. Clever explanation, but not clever enough, because it implies that every freakazoid is a cyclist, which I hardly think is what you (or Cyclelicious) meant. Yet more evidence that inheritance causes unexpected in humans, so in C++.
Child abuse because the child was with her perhaps? That cannot be a good thing for a child to have to see. And if she had an accident because of this incident it could have endangered the child.
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