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Crazy urban cyclists sell soft drinks in Japan - Cyclelicious

Crazy urban cyclists sell soft drinks in Japan

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Sunday, July 20, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Stunt cyclists in San Francisco in a Japanese soft drink commercial for Kirin Beverage's Millenium METs soda.

METs is a grapefruit flavored beverage. I'll need to run to my local Japanese supermarket and see if they carry it. Urban Velo.

Urban Velo and Streetsblog also mentioned this old news about the proposed "Idaho stop law" for the state of California. I seem to recall hearing that the MTA BPAC already gave up on looking at this after a flood of negative input from both cyclists and the general public.

I imagine the news that the MTA BPAC was taking a preliminary look at the Idaho stop law was probably released prematurely. For those who want to advocate for this law, I have a couple of ideas: I pointed to it before, but this article about the scofflaw cyclist is an excellent discussion about the "taboo" of running a red light. It's good, thoughtful stuff.

Finally, here's yet some more discussion on can't we all just get along.

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I have never understood Japanese commercials (and their accompanying music).
Urban Velo and Streetsblog are like totally behind the times. Cyclelicious is where it's at!
...you are quite right...the scofflaw article is a very good & truthful read...

...wondering what kind of impact it would have if only 'certain' municipalities allowed for the idaho rule...perhaps one more opportunity for more bicycle/ vehicle negativity...

...& not to be negative about the situation but i have noticed more confrontational situations lately even though i stop at 99% of the stop signs i encounter & make sure i acknowledge any driver w/ a wave & a thank you, when i'm offered the right of way...

...some folks seem to work w/ the simple concept of common courtesy but i'm finding more & more of the old "i'm bigger & surrounded by metal, so get outta my way" attitude...

...perhaps now that there are more published articles regarding the situation, folks are "sensitive" in regard to it, but awareness notwithstanding, whether it's group rides, single commuters or unaware 'newbies' on any kind of bike, riders constantly blowing stop signs does nothing towards creating any common goodwill...

...& i'm not condoning in any way, shape or form, the behavior of the motor vehicular public, in general (read that article) but perhaps the rising cost of gas, in particular & living, in general is adding to the mix...
For getting the Idaho laws passed elsewhere: don't bother with the red light part (except maybe clarifying that road users may proceed safely through an intersection if their vehicle is not sensed).

The stop sign law gets far more support from the cycling community, while the red-light part brings up the cracks within the community.
Yeah, but the kewl thing about the commercial was the it was SO '80s! Did you see the cars, and the "transit" bus; of course, the clothes, especially the Fresh Prince rip-off.
Yeah, I thought the buses were weird. They're tour buses, aren't they?

I wonder if it's an old commercial for an old product? Busy week for me so I won't be able to drop by the Japanese market until this weekend.
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