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Friday, July 18, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

WashCycle has a great post on the myth of the scofflaw cyclist. It's a good read -- go check it out.

Nun riding bicycle, Florence, Italy.
"Nun on her bicycle" by Πλάτων.

There's stuff besides the Tour de France going on: Tyler Hamilton won a race. Via Tyler's biggest fan.

CycleDog posts a Trail Etiquette Primer. A must read for those using multiuse paths.

Alaska bicycle forum. Go here if you need tips on deep snow bike riding.

KWC gets a hot new ride: Storck Absolutist 0.9.

James has his old Pinarello track bike for sale. Wow, that thing is a beauty.

So I wanna know: What are SpokeLits, and when will Sioux post some photos of this thing and let us know how to order them?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Sioux's outta town right now, but doesn't know how to take pictures that don't activate the flash, so a person can't really see what they look like in the dark.
flashflight is the name of the company that sells 'em. At seven bucks a pop I"m sure there's some slave labor involved...
(and yes, I asked 'em to design me some turn signals ;) )
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