Stage 17: Visit the l'Alpe d'Huez

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Stage 17 of the Tour de France tomorrow will feature the famous Alpe de Wheeze. You can visit this alpine meadow virtually through Google Streetview.

The Alpe d'Huez, which has hosted a Tour de France stage almost every year since 1976, is probably the most famous mountain climb of the Tour de France, which large and enthusiastic crowds of fans crowding along the hairpin turns that lead to the ski resort in the French Alps.

A Frenchman gets his stage win

French cyclist Cyril Dessel got his stage win today, in Stage 16 that started in Italy.


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..."Stage 17 of the Tour de France tomorrow will feature the famous Alpe de Wheeze."...

..."alpe de wheeze" indeed, sir !!!...dammit, fritz, are you making fun of the way i ride a bicycle w/ these inflammatory statements ???...

...& btw, i was racing down la montagne on 'google streetview' & pulled a "john lee augustyne /(barloworld)...over the edge, down the scree slope & my virtual bike went so far it may have landed in your computer...

...non, non, monsieur, j'ai a-ok...nothing more than a scrap on one typing hand...

...j'ai continuez, eh ???, revoir...
You crack me up, BGW!

Did you really PODIUM at BSNYC yesterday??
...sacre bleu, monsieur fritz...none other than 'le blaireau', bernard hinault himself, zipped up my jersey...but you must understand my 'oh so dark' "mod op" secret...

...normally i'm good natured, but when it comes to podiums ???...well, personally i don't covet podium spots whatsoever but that dark, dark streak in me loves to deprive others of the top step...

...therefor, when so many, strive so hard, to achieve so little, i occasionally like to make sure they leave w/ even less...
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