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Monday, August 25, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

After a one year absence, Bianchi has reintroduced steel road bikes for 2009, including the nice Vigorelli.

09 Bianchi Vigorelli Ultegra 10 sp compact

The Bianchi people I've spoken with really like the 2009 Vigorelli steel road bike -- the exact word used is "love," and this bike built up with Reynolds 631 CrMo tubing and carbon fiber fork is indeed easy to love. Equipped with a mix of Shimano 105 and Ultegra 10 speed components with a compact crankset, the price I've heard is "under $1800."

It's good to see a decent steel road bike from a top tier bike vendor. 2009 will also see the return of the Imola (Tiagra 9 speed triple) and the entry level Brava (Sora 9 speed triple).

While Bianchi has a nice lineup of carbon fiber dream machines for 2009, higher prices on everything as well as renewed interest in steel among consumers will make the Vigorelli and their other steel bikes a good seller, I think.


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I just want a steel bike in celeste!
Amen to that -- a Bianchi just ain't a Bianchi unless it's clad in celeste paintwork!

Fritz, if you have contacts at Bianchi USA, you should suggest to them that the more celeste bikes they produce, the more they'll sell...all these new retro-fans will eat them up!
Ghost, I'll ask what's up with the color schemes. I think the chrome Pista looks very nice, but some of the colors they've selected for '09 honestly could have been a little better.
Well, yes, I'll give you that: the chrome is nice and makes the bike sleek and all, but how much cooler would it be to have a CELESTE Pista (or any other model, for that matter)?

It's one of, if not THE, most recognizable colors in the bicycling industry...yet I've noticed Bianchi is slowly stepping away from it. Heck, even some of their top of the line carbon wondermachines only show hints of celeste.

It's the purist in me -- as the original owner of a vintage celeste machine, I can be kind of snobby about Bianchis...chalk it up to the rants of a disgruntled commuter!
They have the Vigorelli in Celeste in Japan. I asked the US Rep and said they wont have it in US during 2009. Link Below

I have the 2010 Vigorelli, and love it. Its unbelievably forgiving on rough pavement and long rides. And, surprisingly stiff.

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