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Monday, August 11, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

As I reported last month, Caltrain renamed their much maligned Bicycle Master Plan the "Bicycle Access and Parking Plan." The draft version of Caltrain's Bicycle Access and Parking Plan is now available online. Previously, you had to be on the Silicon Valley Board of Directors to see this plan.

Caltrain Mountain View

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition response to this proposed "Access and Parking Plan" highlights the lack of any thought at all to increase capacity on board. At a recent Caltrain Joint Powers Board meeting, several train riding bicyclists spoke up to the Directors on the need to increase bike capacity.

Thank you to Murph for this news. Related:

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for what it's worth, the SF bike coalition sent out a bike theft alert last week for that particular garage:

"Elsewhere in bike theft news, steer clear of the 5th and Mission Garage -- bike parking at this city garage has always been pretty sketchy, but lately thieves have been working double-time to swipe bikes parked here, sadly we've heard that entire racks full of bikes have been stolen. We're working on better, more secure parking at this key location, but until that happens you'd be well advised not to park your bike there."
Thx Calitexican. I missed that particular bulletin.
Why not register your bikes on the nes national database The police can check any property on the site. Once you have opened your account you can register any property on the site- FREE
Also why not tag the bike. The RFID tag has an unique ID number which can be read with a scanner. visit and the ciost is around $25. Details of the btag, the bike and the owner go on the immobilize website. The bike is 10 times less likely to be stolen. There are 35 different sites in the UK where the police are tagging bikes to reduce the theft rate.

John Macintyre
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