Denver cop breaks cyclist's teeth for running a red light

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Thursday, August 14, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Obey all traffic laws in Denver, Colorado, kids, or this might happen to you! Assault caught on video tape.

John Heaney, 57, was riding his through downtown Denver, Colorado when he was stopped by Michael Cordova for riding his bicycle "recklessly" through an intersection. According to police statements, officers testified under oath that Heaney was wildly combative and started a brawl with the officers. He was charged with assault on a police officer. The charges were dropped when the video surfaced showing a different version of the events.

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...that is so "over the fucking top" that it is literally disgusting...we need cops in our society w/ the way things are but we need honest, law abiding cops, not these kinda vicious "i'm empowered & thus entitled" to use any kind of force on you that i see fit, lying, cheating cops...

...i hope it costs them their badges but i seriously doubt it...
Moral of the story, always have a camera that can record video on hand.
A concussion can cause a life time of problems. And this is no accident, it was another person. Do not just take away the badge, throw this dangerous criminal in jail.
(Other moral... don't flip the cap off a stranger's head.)
I, too, doubt it will cost what it should. I was glad to see that the post on page 4 of the comments has a high "recommended" number.
(google news for denver and teeth and you'll find the online news stuff)
From the comment from (I assume) the actual guy rolling the camera: A couple of you guys have it wrong. And I'm surprised by the animosity of some of these comments. First off, Greg wasn't filming, I was. And while I'm sure that none of you are going believe me, I can promise you that I was rolling the camera, with Greg there as my producer. As we were waiting to cross the street we saw the cops run up to this guy on his bike. As they were trying to tackle him off his bike, Greg told me to turn on the camera, so I did, then he ran up to try and break up the fight. There is zero indication from anything we saw that this guy did anything wrong. That's not to say the officers are without cause, they clearly felt they had a reason to go after the man, but he certainly didn't punch an officer that I saw, and he never resisted once he was on the ground. The officers went overboard, unfortunately, and we should just all hope that justice is done.
These people (abusive cops) don't seem to understand that they serve at the leisure of the people.
> These people (abusive cops) don't seem to understand that they serve at the leisure of the people.

Sadly, that's incorrect. The police, like any other government department, mostly exist to consume and expand their incremental budget.

Unfortunately, police departments don't receive the supervision they need and tend to attract little men who make terrible armed stormtroopers. At least people have a new way to fight against these unamerican fascists (their video cameras/cellphones).

A good start would be to slash the budgets of their bureaus if they are going to show that they don't have anything better to do than rough up people on bicycles (they must be poor, right?).
i'm not a violent person
but i would love to go to denver
and kick these @#$%ers in their b@llz
or at least see them get hung by said
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