Miley Cyrus rides a bicycle

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Saturday, August 30, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

The gossip blogs have all published photos of teen Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus riding her bike around. Like any normal 15 year old kid, she's been seen riding her bike with her friends, with her family and sticking her tongue out at the camera.

Miley Cyrus and family riding a bike

Riding Pretty writes: "The way I see it, when pop culture icons ride bicycles they are helping the planet, proving there is some thing you can do (besides saving money on gas) and Yes, looking oh so pretty riding on a bicycle… The influence can be so positive on kids who will be asking their parents if they can get a cruiser like Miley has." Right on, Miley.

Miley Cyrus and family riding a bike

Miley Cyrus and family riding a bike


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you're kidding right? you must be aching for material. just because billy ray drives a hummer does not mean he should be featured on the Dakar Rally site...
OMG. I'm totally going to ride around on sidewalks with no helmet. LOL.
Oh my... I'm going to tell all of my friends!
Anon 9:16 -- it was a long weekend that I spent with my family. This was a "fluff" post that I scheduled a couple of weeks back in anticipation of 3 days off of the computer.

I'm not aching for material (there's much more than I can handle, to be honest, even if I keep my focus in Northern California) -- I'm aching for time.
One day you win the Olympic Time Trial, next thing you know, you're a disgraced doper. Miley... in a few years she'll be driving a sports car to the Sky Bar and flashing her v-j-j to the paparazzi as she gets out, presaging her arrest for DUI. Will she find redemption doing ads for Breezer Bikes? Time will tell.
anonymous - Don't tell me people don't buy fancy cars in part to strive toward the image cars hold within T.V., Film and the actors who drive to every occasion. I think it's a good thing that bikes are getting this kind of exposure. Yeah I don't like sidewalk riding either, but I also notice that 4 out of 5 of those photos are on the road and the young girl in the group may not be old enough to ride comfortably on some streets.
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