Paris Hilton buys a bicycle

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Paris Hilton, known for her expertise in U.S. energy politics, was seen yesterday buying a bicycle -- an Electra cruiser bike -- from Sports Chalet.

Paris Hilton with her bicycle

See more photos of Paris Hilton and her new bicycle at Celebrity Gossip.


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so you have "pretty girls with bikes" on your blog as well this week.

i remember seeing pix of her riding a nice specialized hardtail a few months before. i know she's seems to dig publicity, but i feel kind of sorry for her seeing all the people up in her face while she was shopping. i'd be annoyed.

soma is doin' OK in Japan. thanks for asking.
...ok, ok...i only chose the paris hilton blog cuz it made for a better "non sequitur" when i asked you a question...

...i see you are now blogging as 'yokota' fritz & given your heritage, i would surmise that that may be a reference to fussa's yokota afb...BUT as 'detectivegonewild' (obviously a man w/ too much time on his hands), i would be remiss were i not to note that there is also a town named yokota, near matsue, northeast of hiroshima... further confuse the issue, i thought i recalled you saying that the pictures we saw of your father's (parents) house were at the far northern end of honshu, within an easy fixed gear ride of the tsugaru strait...

...please, honorable fritz-san...enlighten this gaijin as to the new handle...domo arrigato gozimashita...
@soma, thanks for dropping by!

&BGW -- don't forget about the old Yokota Cycles Co, which is apparently now defunct?

My nickname "Fritz" came from my time at Yokota Air Base in Japan and I'm still in touch with several of my friends from those days. I'm changing the name because I've run across a couple of other Fritzes in the blogosphere and it was confusing me :-)

Northern Honshu's geography is very similar to the Norcal coast -- mountainous, spectacular dropoffs along the coast. It's a lot like the Marin Headlands area.
...nope...i did remember about the 'bike co' (dunno if or when they folded) but somehow that didn't fit...i still see old ones around occasionally...

...& i guess my sleuthing skills are "on", re: the air base...just seemed right...not only that but i knew something was drawing me towards remembering your 'flicker fotos' where you did in the past mention the similarities between the two beautiful coastlines...
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