2009 Bianchi Pinella steel frame

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Monday, September 01, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

After a two year absence, it looks like Bianchi will reintroduce the Boron steel Pinella frameset in 2009.

2009 Bianchi Pinella steel frameset

I don't have information on the 09 model, but the sub 3 pound Pinella has been among the lightest weight steel frames available. Though there are concerns with durability -- the light weight comes from paper thin tubing -- when built up the Pinella frame makes for a fantastic looking bike that handles well at high speeds. It will be available as shown in the classic Celeste color with black graphics.


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Cable stops on the head tube: worst. location. EVER.
...i'd venture to say that "cable stops on the head tube" means less heat applied to the thin walls of the down tube, where it may affect longevity...
Shift housings will have to be replaced monthly as the ferrules fatigue and fold; faster for four mil than five, but often in any case.

Perhaps wall thickness gives them the excuse in this case. Other frames sported them for a couple of seasons with no excuse at all. Very frustrating to maintain those bikes, especially when owned by riders with no critical eye for design. They just get tired of what they feel is cheesy housing.
Why bring back steel and paint it like a yahoo carbon bike?
Cable stops on the head tube may not be your cup of tea but crappy dirty stickers on the head tube to prevent cable/paint rub suck too. What to do?
What's wrong, exactly, with head-tube-mounted cable stops? I don't have any newfangled bikes that require anything beyond a simple friction lever, so I'm merely curious...
How is the Bianchi Pinella compared to the Casati Laser? :)
Funny but my 2007 Pinella is still going strong on the same shift cables, shifting and turning is perfect. I do go to a lot of trouble getting lengths just right, but I have had zero problem with Campag cables for a lot of KM already. Doubt I will ever upgrade from this beautiful ride. Greg - Australia.
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