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Sunday, September 28, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

My photos don't do justice to the true beauty of this Italian designed steel bicycle. While the fast and lightweight carbon fiber bikes and frames are gorgeous in their own right, the Bianchi Dolomoti stands out like a prince.

2009 Bianchi Dolomiti

2009 Bianchi Dolomiti

Campy Veloce on the  Bianchi steel Dolomiti

Chromed lugs work well with Bianchi's classic Celeste paint scheme, while Campagnolo's midrange Veloce 10 speed gruppo and Bianchi's old logo from the 50s highlights Bianchi's Italian heritage in this classic road design. MSRP $3,299 with carbon fork; available now.

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if it only had a quill stem

it would be perfect.....
At least they spec a silver-finished Deda threadless stem. I can totally live with that...such a gorgeous machine! And I'm happy to see that at least the top half of the carbon fork is painted celeste.

Now how on earth am I going to justify such an expensive purchase to my wife?
The only problem I have is the surfeit of true vintage framesets in superb shape that can be built up for so much less. I can appreciate the new efforts, but short of using some really exotic tubing and employing the lugs for cosmetics, I don't see the real value
I love steel, but if I'm paying that much for steel, I'll get something bespoke. dolomiti celeste...bravissimo...e' molto bello...mi piace...
Anonymous, where are you finding this "surfeit of vintage framesets in superb shape"? Because every "vintage" frameset I come across these days has been hacked by the "fixie crowd"...cable stops and downtube shifter braze-ons ground off, finish rattlecanned over, etc.
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