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Wednesday, September 10, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Missoula, Montana middle school science teacher Jim Litz was riding his bike to school when he hit a bear.

Litz was traveling about 25 mph when he saw the bear directly in front of him. After t-boning the black bear, the two cartwheeled down the road. The bear got up, scratched his back and ambled off the road while Litz lay dazed and confused on the road.

Read more in this Associated Press story.

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We had one of those on the Kancamagus Highway about 18 years ago.
..ya think the bear got home & complained to his family & bear friends about those damned inattentive cyclist's ???...
The bear probably posted about it in the Advocacy & Safety forum at bearforums dot net. checked out bearforums dot net & right there in the "advocacy & safety" column, the bear admitted that he was partially to blame because he was listening to his i-pod & didn't hear the cyclist approaching...

...that's like, way more than any cyclist will ever admit to...
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