Bruyneel says "Bologna"

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Team Astana General Manager Johan Bruyneel, who was directeur sportif of the USPS and Discovery cycling teams, says "I think it's a rumour," about Lance Armstrong's reported bid to come out of retirement.

"I've tried to ascertain where this rumour might have come from," said Bruyneel, which isn't exactly a denial, but Astana spokeman Philippe Maertens flat out wrote, "Lance Armstrong is no part of our team. Team Astana has no plans with him."

AFP News: Bruyneel believes Armstrong cycling return a rumour.

See also Bike Snob's snide commentary, with more from KWC on Bobby Julich's retirement.

Oh, and how'd you like to be an attorney named Lance Armstrong? The lawyer is defending a truck driver in Florida who allegedly took his 9000 gallon tanker truck full of gasoline around a 35 mph turn at 50 mph and flipped his truck over. The truck flipped over and exploded on top of a car, killing the four occupants of that car.

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hmm, is that really a denial? Isn't it tautologically true to call it a "rumor"?
no longer a 'rumor':"bruyneel says "bologna""...

...johan lives near madrid, espana during the offseason, not bologna, italia...

...or were you referring to lunch meat...'s obvious i'm easily confused so please, be explicit...
Thanks Ken.

BGW -- I was going for a little bit of alliteration, but this is a family website, so I gotta use the 'nice' words.
...& you even used the old school "bologna" spelling as opposed to the cartoon americanized "baloney"...

...either way, this should be an interesting venture by literally one of the most focused & determined cyclists to ever turn a pedal "in anger" as phil sez...

...& how the team & sponsorship deal is worked out will also be interesting, undoubtedly...
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