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Friday, September 05, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Update September 2009: Please visit this page for a current survey of Eurobike 2009 photos.

The folks at the Turkish mountain bike website are at Eurobike. As usual, they have lots of photos pushed online: 3 pages of Eurobike Demo Day photos and 16 pages of Eurobike bike photos.

Road Bike Review's Brad Roe has photos of the interesting commuter bikes at Eurobike on his Flickr photo stream. Via Bike Hugger.

James at Bicycle Design mentions Mark Sanders new Integrated Folding bike was introduced at Eurobike. He also has pointers to a 100 image gallery from a bike show in the Netherlands.

Velovision has the Eurobike news roundup, with info about Sunrace Sturmey Archer's new run of 3 speed non-ratcheting (i.e. 'fixed gear') hubs (also mentioned at the Sunrace S-A blog, Rohloff's gold plated hub, and more.

Eurobike debuts a Green Award, which went to an e-bike manufacturer of all things.


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Any news yet on which companies are attending the 2009 Eurobike show? Or is there a list available or something?

Reason being, I'd like to approach some of them and get my new vertebrae ceramic cable housing on some of their show bikes...

I'm planning on attending the show myself as a trade visitor, but I am almost certain that all the details of the show bikes will have been sorted out by then and hence it will be too late to just show up & expect them to install some parts...

Hoping someone can help...
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