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Sunday, September 07, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Cyclelicious Monkey Electric Alleycat update:

Detour has been removed -- proceed through Columbus and San Diego normally if you haven't gone through yet. Jamie in Columbus was detained momentarily on his way to the checkpoint for riding without brakes and lights, but we got him bailed out now.

There was some confusion at Doc Logan's Eat More Hummus checkpoint -- you need to click on the photo on Logan's post, not the one in my comment that sends you to my Blogger profile.

If you need hints please post your questions here, and ride safely!

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I swerved and hit a curb wrong over at Biking Bis, and I seem to have lost my map with all the I just ahead of the pack or did I fall behind?

Richard, this "virtual alleycat" is a FANTASTIC, albeit pain-in-the-ass, little gimmick. Bravo!!!
And quit running the red lights! Some of you rim-racing punks almost took me out back there at the Columbus detour! :P
riders getting lost in the turns -- sounds like a typical Sunday group ride!
"Willow Naeco" of Chicago was first to the finish line, followed closely by Adam, Shane, Carl and Ian.

Ghost, did you find your way or do you need a hint?
Lost in Iowa!
Hmm...I swear that checkpoint wasn't there when I passed by a while ago....

Luckily, I found my map and made it to the finish!!!

Thanks for the offer of a hint -- I'm proud to say that I made it on my own steam. Whew -- time to drink a beer or three!
Golburne, look for the Salsa 29er bike and follow that to the checkpoint.
Hey that was fun - thanks for the contest - I added some feeds to check up on as a result which should make work a lot more fun (and my productivity level a lot lower).
Hi all,

Sorry about causing the Columbus Detour. I was caught in the weekly riot by angry OSU fans on the way home and didn't get to my computer to change the comment moderation on Bike Commuting in Columbus until Sunday night! Hope none of you got caught in that, too.

Jamie Fellrath
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