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Wednesday, October 08, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

If you're not reading this at Cyclelicious, you're reading stolen content!

Arleigh had to transport a big box 2½ miles to the UPS office. She demonstrates the creative thinking required to move stuff around if you don't have a 200 horsepower climate controlled weather sheltered contraption. She does have a SeaLine waterproof backpack, a bicycle and a rear rack.

Read more at Ride Charlotte.

Cozy Beehive's latest pollination of all things bicycling starts with a look at the New York City bike racks competition finalists. Lilia @ Velo Vogue posts her own bike rack suggestion involving bare legs.

Riding Pretty points to a nice DIY rain cape design that's suitable for bicycle use.

Cafiend is an old fart on a fixed gear.

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hey fritz,

thanks for the link!
"If you're not reading this at Cyclelicious, you're reading stolen content!"

Are people stealing from you, Fritz? Just point them out and I'll have a nice, quiet chat with them.
Holy crap, you're not referring to this are you? I cited you.
Howdy, Fritz--

I thought you said it was a big box. I surfed over expecting to see her dragging a shipping container.

Okay, props to Arleigh for rejecting easier, more consumptive options, and I'm glad she's getting an Xtracycle.

I hope we're headed for a day when people won't be surprised that you can carry things much larger than a bicycle fork by bicycle, and when all cyclists will own at least one bike with carrying capacity. After all, if you only have one car, I'll bet it has space for groceries.
Happy Trails,
Ron Georg
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