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Friday, October 03, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Check out the size of the tail light on this bike. I'm guessing it's a construction lamp of some kind. Seen at Interbike 2008 in the bike valet parking area.

Huge bicycle light

The days are getting shorter in the Northern Hemisphere; I finally mounted lights on my bikes this week. For the commutes, it's time to buy bicycle lights if you don't have them already.

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I recently purchased headlight and taillight from DiNotte Lighting in New Hampshire. American made, the best customer service I've ever experienced, and you can see the lights from at least a mile away. They are not the brightest ones sold by DiNotte (you can get them twice as bright), but at least once a week, a fellow cyclist asks me about them, and tells me that he saw me from a long distance away. Do a Google search and check them out. Worth the money!
I have the Light and Motion Solo Logic. I have the handlebar mounting mounted to my fork because of the Handlebar Bag that I ride with would blog the light. It's a great location. Nice thing about this is that it also comes with a helmet mount, so when I hit the trails in the wee hours of the morning my path is always lit. Very versatile piece of equipment.
I'm definitely feeling the need to upgrade my tail light with the days getting shorter. I'm guessing the battery on that traffic light is a little heavy though. It seems like a compound tail light (lense for distance and diffuser for area) might be a good idea.
I finally got around to ordering a giant headlight and taillight from Necessary Options last night.

I thought I heard about N.O. on Cyclelicious, but hmm, maybe not. I still need to get a better headlight for looking at the ground. I've heard from others that DiNotte is the best option, so I'll check them out.
Alison, I mention the RealLight briefly here.
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