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Tuesday, October 07, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Three steps to easy money!

1. Steal a bicycle.

2. Post to Craigslist that you saw an obviously hot bike and bought it so it can be reunited with its rightful owner, like this:

We recovered your stolen Miyata! - $50 (mission district)

My roommate bought this Miyata for $50. The bike is very obviously hot and we'd like to return it to its rightful owner. If this bike belongs to you or a friend of yours, please email me. I'm sure they miss it dearly. We'll gladly give it back for the $50 we paid for it and some sandwiches and/or a case of beer. In order to claim your bike, you must tell me what kind of pedals are on the bike.

3. Receive cash from naive and grateful victims!

Note: It turns out this guy is probably honest. I guess I'm too old and cynical.

See also: Props to Jym for this find.


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I've seen one other case of this, but the guy posted to the Bay Area Cyclocross Mailing List, hardly a den of thieves like Craigslist :-)
I, too, have a lot of trouble with the "probably honest" conclusion ;)
... even more having seen it and the comments. *Accolades?* For buying a hot bike and then wanting to sell it?
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