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Nike Hindsight extends peripheral vision

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

The Nike Hindsight glasses -- a design concept from Nike -- extends cyclists peripheral vision with lenses that bring objects from 25° behind the cyclist into the cyclist's field of vision.

Nike Hindsight explanation and description

Several bloggers tout the safety benefit of seeing taxicabs and other vehicles behind you without doing a full head check, but the first thing I thought of is the usefulness of these specs in a group ride or even a race where several cyclists are riding tightly packed together. And they're way less dorky than helmet and eyeglass mirrors as I demonstrate below.

Yet another aerial panda

More at Crunch Gear.

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That's funny, I think the little mirror is LESS dorky than the stylized glasses. Certainly a cool idea though.
I agree with tony, but if they make different styles I might have to pick up a pair.
Also, when I was a kid, I have some "spy glasses" with built in mirrors that allowed me to see what was behind my back.
Thats a really great idea, the only problem is that it is made by Nike. I hope they don't hold the patent or have a monopoly on the licensing for whomever holds the patent, because I would definitely consider buying these from another manufacturer.
Its fitting that you should post a pic of the Take A Look mirror setup, as my first thought after looking at those nike glasses is that they wouldn't work so well with the Take A Look mirror that I use and LOVE.
@Stout: Take A Looks rule. And they're made in your home state.

@Burn: I can almost guarantee this idea has been patented.

@Doc: Comic book spy glasses rule, too.

@Tony: Dorks rule.
They will take off because guys will buy them for staring at women on the beach.
For commuting I'll stick with the Bell-mounted mirror. If I was doing a lot of pace-line riding (or even large group rides)though these look like the way to go. On my commute I want to know what is going on behind me, not just off to the side.
To BurnFromWithin: I spent 5 months of unemployment developing this concept and creating the images, would you begrudge me the ability to feed myself just to avoid having to buy the glasses from Nike?

You assume it's corporate America milking you for every penny, but those entities are fueled and run by people, people who need to make a living. Next time, ill just get a job flipping burgers and you can get run the fuck over by a car.
Billy May, thanks for dropping by. I think your idea is clever and wonderful. I'd use it.
...re: burnfromwithin & billy may...

...therein lies the dichotomy...

...billy may, your concept seems quite brilliant & at a glance, i see it as basically an extension of our own organic visual process...

...from a business standpoint, you probably chose one of the best companies in the world to market your product...beyond earning you a decent living (& i honestly hope you'll personally make a fortune on your idea), you may be providing a 'tool' that creates a safer cycling & running environment & which could ultimately save lives...

...that being said, i would think you're intelligent enough to grasp the p.o.v. that burnsfromwithin is coming from...

...personally, as an independent thinker, i don't really worry about being 'milked' by corporate america, as you suggest, although there is a calculated approach that companies like nike employ...& there are plenty of folks who base their spending on those huge campaigns...

...if i'm interested in your product & what looks to be an intelligent concept on the surface, i'd research it & if it truly fits my needs, then i'd buy it...

...not everyone thinks in those terms, & huge corporate advertising budgets bare that out...& nike is egregious by their presence...
I like the idea, and if they fit and work for me I would buy them. Nike or not. At the end of the day, corporate America has differing degrees of evilness. Just think about arms manufacturers, chemical companies etc. Nike is not quite that evil. And a product like this would need to be marketed by a giant to have any credibility (to not be mistaken for cheap spy glasses) and be able to guarantee supply and distribution to the extent that they may save lives simply through the amount of glasses they sell.
The one thing that does bother me about them? The Nike logo on the tips of the lenses. Surely the logo could have been moved to the frame so that even more of the lens could be utilised for the mirror effect?
Hi Billy,
what you're doing is nice. but, this is DIRECT infrigment of an existing technology. i strongly advise you to contact widezon CEO, (www.widezon.com)
[quote]Anonymous said...

Hi Billy,
what you're doing is nice. but, this is DIRECT infrigment of an existing technology. i strongly advise you to contact widezon CEO, (www.widezon.com)

12/04/2008 07:58:00 AM[/quote]

Interesting that the site that you mention is under construction.

And how do you know that it is not them that are infringing on his create technology?

I think that it is a wonderful product from many stand points. Not necessarily those of the sports/messenger field.

You could use it for several health applications as well.

Keep up the good work.
actually , it is true, this nike product is an infringement on widezon's patent, Here is the patent, you can look it up yourself.


is the patent that widezon has on this product.
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