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Friday, October 17, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Modern day Pixie Repack Races hearken back to the good old days of mountain biking, when the pioneers used yard sale klunkers to zoom dangerously down fire roads. These days, the pixie repack klunkers are children's bikes with 16" tires and coaster brakes. "Pixie" because they're small, and "Repack" because that's what you must do to the burned out coaster brake hubs after every race.

Colorado Springs pixie repack race. Photo from Colorado Springs Pub Crawl http://cosbikepubcrawl.com/?id=327

The Colorado Springs Gazette published this humorous story about the bikes, the racers, the races and the spills.

The rules and disclaimers are a hoot:
  • Bikes must have 16" wheels or smaller. The rear wheel must have a coaster brake hub(single speed)- with a fully functional coaster brake... you can't disable the brake (it will be checked)(that's what makes it a repack race!).

  • Crank length can not be longer than 140mm (center to center).

  • The drive train should be kept as close as possible to stock. It's the charm of the Pixie experience. Chainrings should be 36 tooth or smaller. If the stock chainring should exceed 36t (and that is rare) then a 2 to 1 ratio will be enforced. For example 38t front and 19t rear cog. This shouldn't really be an issue unless you are really trying to go nuts modifying the drive train.

  • Any tires are fine; slicks, knobbies, no tires. It's your call.

  • Any seat, stem, seatpost, pedal and handlebar combination is legit! Also feel free to run additional brakes. Caliper, V/linear, disc, drum are all fine in addition to a coaster brake.

  • Helmets will be required for the race, any helmet. Pads are encouraged, lots of pads!
This is a race at your own risk event! We will NOT take responsibility for your actions. Pixies are extremely dangerous! Riding in this manner is not only dangerous but also stupid!!!!! This race is retarded at best and stupid to say the least! We don't encourage doing any of these races. If you aren't prepared to suffer the potential consequences(including even death) then you shouldn't race, plain and simple. If racing please know and ride with in your personal limits.
Photo Credit: Colorado Springs Pub Crawl.

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Oh man, spine buster. I typically don't enter events that promise a loss of skin.
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