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Tuesday, October 07, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

German cyclist Stefan Schumacher tested positive for dope. And German TV threatens not to broadcast the Tour de France.

That seems like incentive for ASO not to aggressively test for doping. If organizers swept everything under the rug, the problem goes away, the sport appears clean and everybody is happy, right?


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per a thread on weight weenies there are rumors flying regarding...

and more...

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I'd certainly be happier if they didn't test for doping. Screw it.
..."germam tv" are the biggest drama queens in all of europe...

...if there was serious drug testing in their favored "bundesliga", those big tv contracts would go straight out the window because there would be no sponsors & there wouldn't be anybody watching "german tv"...

...yet they constantly threaten to hold german cycling fans hostage...i hope those viewers have a way to say "screw you, guys" w/ their euros...
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