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Sunday, November 02, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

"Bicycle Today, Automobile Tomorrow" was released in 1969 and produced with input from the Inglewood, CA police, the Inglewood, CA school district and the Los Angeles Board of Education. The idea is that children who learn to ride their bikes in traffic will become better automobile drivers as adults.

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Thanks but can you imagine stopping and crossing two streets every time you want to make a left turn when other cars are apparent? Notice no mention of helmets?

Too bad the driver today is no longer the bicycle rider of yesterday.
I can imagine it ... when things are hairy here that's what I do.

The driver today just might be the bicycle rider of tomorrow...

And it seems Google's gone to pronounceable verification. (Too bad they can't tell spam blogs from real, or I'd still have my blog with 'em.)
Ohmigod. How much worse a driver would I have been if I hadn't been a bicyclist as a child? I was a total punk! Well, maybe not the WORST punk. But pretty darn punk.
That poor biycle that was run over!
I do believe that when a child is at its learning stages it is important that the ability to learn a bike factors in their future focus while in control of a moving vehicle.

I learned very young to ride a bike by my oldest brother and i do think it molded me into a more keen driver today.
Gee that's swell.
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