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Wednesday, November 19, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

I've modified Cyclelicious a little bit to present simplified content when a mobile device is detected. The sidebars are eliminated along with some of the ads. I'll probably make a smaller header banner with my woefully meager graphics editing skills.

Right now, the full content of the last six articles is still presented for mobile devices. Would you prefer just a simple index of recent articles on the home page with links to the full article? Or is it okay as it is?

How many of you browse the web and Cyclelicious with a mobile device?

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I just got a Blackberry Saturday ... but I can't figure out how to do the Internet on it yet. (I'd dodge traffic go back to the little booth at the mall, except I told the man I would bring my picture id as soon as I found it, and I haven't found it yet. Oblations to patrons of lost items appreciated, as I would like to be able to rent a car over the holidays...)
I use an iPhone. The new format looks great--thx!
I dig the new layout, but scrolling can be a pain in the ass on my phone (enV), so the bulleted index would be great for me! But I imagine most folks are on iPhones or Crackberries, so I expect that I'm in the minority.
I'm using a Windows Mobile device (Samsung Blackjack II} with lousy scrolling also, so I'll look at putting in navigation aids at the top of the screen.

Right now the mobile version of the page doesn't list "recent comments" -- should I put that back in or leave it out?
Have a look at my flickr account for shots from a nokia n95
Fritz, looks great on the iPhone, easy to navigate, and because of the iPhone's allowance for double-tapping a column and zooming in on that text, all the better. Good job.
I read it on my iPhone using your feed and Google Reader. Not sure how many of your readers are coming to the site, and how many are using the feeds (and what the division is wrt mobile vs desktop).

Interesting questions! feedburner, some images on your server (and looking at who fetches them) and perhaps google analytics might help get the data to work out if all this work is worth it?
Ark, over half of visits to Cyclelicious are via search, mostly from Google but a noticeable amount from Yahoo also. 10% are "direct" visits -- somebody types the URL or selects a bookmark. About 5% are feed subscribers clicking through. The rest are referrals from other websites.

I might modify the code a little to detect small screen sizes also to make things fit a little better.
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