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Friday, November 14, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

In response to my rednecks on bikes post last August, Russ in Cleveland sent me this photo of his dad's bike with his old .22 rifle.

Russ's dad's gun bike

Russ writes of his dad and his dad's bike:
It's a pretty simple rack using two wood mounts and some elastic to hold it in place. He is not a hard core gun nut or anything crazy like that, just a practical person trying to protect his garden, farm, and beehives from critters.

The bike is a new addition. My brothers and sisters bought my parents two second hand bikes in December for Christmas presents. After not having bicycles on hand for twenty years my parents have embraced cycling again usually going for 5 to 10 mile outings once a week. Both are in their sixties, and my dad newly retired now uses the bike for lots of neighborhood commuting (ex. cycling to church, to the neighbors, to creek). Its pretty cool to see.

I looked around the web and found another DIY rifle carry for a bike. This guy just attached a backpack scabbard to his front basket.
Guns on bikes

There's even a commercial gun rack that mounts on the handlebar. Do you point the rifle toward or away from traffic?
Guns on bikes

Finally, here are some historical guns on bikes photos.

Guns on bikes Guns on bikes Guns on bikes

I'm still looking for an NRA bike jersey, BTW. Has anybody ever seen one?

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I wonder if I'd get less flak from motorists with one of these?
You'd never see an NRA jersey, unless it was meant to be ironic. I've never met a conservative cyclist.
@Ben, the guy who posted before you is very conservative. So is this carless dude, this guy, this guy to some degree and even (in some ways) this guy.

There are cyclists across the whole political spectrum -- Bush is an avid mountain biker, after all, while Ralph Nader absolutely eschews bikes and thinks they should be banned from the streets for safety reasons.
And I suspect Russ's father who shoots critters on his farm and rides his bike to church is probably fairly conservative.
I'm waiting for some aftermarket company to make a Browning M2 .50 Cal. machine gun mount for the back of my Xtracycle...with a remote-mounted trigger on the handlebar.

Is that true about Ralph Nader? If so, I guess I don't feel so bad for not voting for him the past couple of elections.
These are so damn funny! They would be hilarious to ride around with! Talk about getting plenty of room to ride!
Randall O'Toole, the anti-transit highway-lobby shill, reportedly (wikipedia!) bikes to work. Go figure.
No, true irony would be a AAA jersey.

...everything pictured looks so, i don't know, unwieldy, i guess...

...i'd suggest a good cyclo-cross bike w/ a handlebar mounted mac 10 on a 150* swivel...

...oh, wait...i thought this was for urban assault "traffic control"...

...i see i'm being a little extreme here...must be having "claim the lane - pay back" issues...
Of course, American rednecks are only copying the time-honored tradition of weaponizing our trusty steeds. Check out this site for the dreaded German Panzerfaust Bicycle - about 1/2 way down the page.
@wheelman: I like those WWII bike photos.

@ghost: Read it in an interview sometime back. Couldn't find it, though.

@295: That Wiki article also says O'Toole promotes transit?

@BGW: Extremism in the defense of lane space is, umm, something.

@Jennifer: Here you go.
@yokota, I'd say my dad is mostly a left leaning republican. He is married to a hard core Catholic, so he has to look like a republican, but he is too smart to only think one way about things. I am pretty sure he voted for Obama, but told my mom he voted for McCain.


Please don't take any offense to anything I just said.
Good point about the AAA jersey.

I guess that there must be conservative cyclists somewhere. I've never met any in my urban cycling advocate crowd. Presumably conservative cyclists are more recreational users.
attention all. I am an elite xc racer, and guess what? i am a conservative. I like guns, hate taxes, adore jesus, and the big shocker, think that marriage should be between a man and women! I hope I did not offend no one.
i found this post looking for an NRA jersey. I wish I could find one...in a full zip.
Seems there's an untapped market here. I do know lots of conservative cyclists on Twitter who said they'd love to be able to buy a GOP jersey... Hmmm....
http://champ-sys.com/ full color, low cost, low count per order, same size as Voler. I have about 5 jerseys of various designs by them. Matches all the others.
Like GeoJoe, I came across this thread looking for an NRA jersey.
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