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Wednesday, November 26, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

I'm posting this now before I run out of time: Have a great Thanksgiving, all.

Times are comparatively tough for many people. If you're not one of the million who are newly jobless this year in the United States, you're faced with the insecurity of not knowing if you'll be employed in the next few months.

For perspective, I think back to what's seen as the first Thanksgiving feast at Plymouth Colony in 1621. Of the 102 original colonists, only 53 were alive for that first harvest meal; only four adult women survived the first year. They enjoyed their feast with the Wampanoag, gave thanks to Massasoit and to God, and they didn't even have bicycles for the after feast fun!

I'll be up early Thursday morning to record a new episode of The Spokesmen Cycling Podcast with David in Utah (except when he's in California), Carlton in the UK, and Phil Gomes in Australia. We'll talk about belt drive bikes, politics, Tour Down Under, Cyclocross (hence my inquiry yesterday), and Viagra among other things. After that, the family is headed to a friend's house where we'll make gluttons of ourselves and have a good time.

What are your plans for the long weekend? Does anybody plan to get any riding in?

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...fritz...a tip of the ol' cycling cap to ya, mate, on the eve of thanksgiving...my best to you & your family...

...btw...you being a roady at heart, need to try a cyclo-cross bike on the dirt sometime...
...your inquisitive last post brought all kinds of cross racing info to the fore but to just enjoy the simplicity & road bike 'like' feel of riding mtb type trails is very pure...
...no suspension, narrow but knobbed tires, larger wheels which do roll over things remarkably well...i think you'd be a perfect candidate to fully enjoy riding a cross rig...
...racing, hey that's a different game & others through their words & "clips" eloquently expressed the competitive & fun aspects but i have a feeling one good cross bike ride out on a peaceful, quiet trail & you'd be in for more...
...i'd practically guarantee it...
I am SO riding all day regardless of the weather on friday. i'm going to overeat again i just know it
The pilgrims at Plymouth also drank beer :) I think... happy thanksgiving!
I plan to be in a food-induced coma tomorrow, with special attention to an abundance of chocolate goodies in addition to a 12 pound (single serving, in my case) turkey. (One of the food blogs has a bacon-wrapped turkey - guy food! My wife saw it and made a face. I just salivated.)

Some exercise would probably be a good idea, if I can actually move.

Enjoy your weekend - all of you!
I saw that bacon turkducken also and barfed a little in my mouth. It wasn't too appetizing to me.

Nonetheless, I'll probably eat too much also. Friday looks like moving day for me! Saturday is family portrait day (yes, bikes are part of the family).

What CX bike should I ask for Christmas?

Have a great weekend, all. If you see me on the computer somebody please yank the power cord.
I got laid off last week but I still figure I'm better off than many around the world. At least I'm still alive and healthy along with my family.
We've got a lot to be thankful for, and I appreciate the reminder.
We'll be at Lisa's mom's place Thursday afternoon, and wouldn't you know, they live right along one of Tulsa's great bike trails. So after eating turkey, I'll venture out for an hour long spin, making room for more turkey at my mom's house.
Am completely out of shape unless you count Round as a shape, and struggling to get an old Malaysian Raleigh, in black paint, with gold pinstriping (real painted, not tape!) The pully for the shifter cratered last night so I hope I like the gear its in, until I can find another at the LBS. And I need tires, tubes and brake shoes, all rubber having gone to that great velodrome in the sky that my bicycles must long for every day of their miserable existance.

Found pictures of an identical model on the web, http://bicycling.about.com/od/thebikelife/ig/Raleigh-Sports-English-3-speed/Raleigh-side2.htm
Looks pretty much like that but for the original brake pads and old near original tires, made in korea? I little bit more dings in the fenders. Pin striping shows some fading. Still a beauty, Lugged just like the Raliegh Superbe, but without the pinstriping at the lugs.
...re: cx bike for christmas...
...sounds like somebody's got a loving & understanding wife...
...call me, we'll talk...
Santa Cruz "Stigmata":

As much as I hate being cold and wet at the same time, CX is starting to look more and more appealing to me! I may just have to spring for a CX machine for myself...
...once you go "cross", baby, there ain't no goin' back...once yer hooked, hey, yer hooked...

...just sayin'...
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