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Tuesday, November 18, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Momentum Magazine publisher Amy Walker channels Olivia Newton John as she exhorts a Bike Ninja to "Get Visible" with lights and reflectors in this cute and campy video for the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition.

Starring Amy and the B:C:Clettes. Ride with lights at night!

See here for higher quality and for information on the lights and other stuff used in the video.

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After nearly getting hit 3 times in the past week, I've just invested in some visibility tweaks for my bike, altho I believe mine are far cheaper than those shown in the video but still quite effective.

I got the Nite Ize SpokeLit - Green ($16 for a pair), the Nite Ize Sport Vest ($24), and a string of White LED Xmas lights that run off of 3 AA batteries that I will probably wrap around my front fork ($6).

I'm considering another string of red LED Xmas lights for the rear triangle ($10), but the sets I've found don't claim to be weather resistant like the white ones do.
nice post!
nice video!!!!! I want to sing this silly song now… “Get Visible, Get Visible” when I meet with a bicyclist sans lights at night
Where can I get some ELVS/reflective "short-shorts" for MY commute?!? ;)

Nick, the LED Christmas lights aren't particularly weatherproof, but you can do a lot to make them more durable with a dab of silicone sealant and a couple strips of electrical tape. I got some multicolored ones from Deal Extreme (or somesuch) last year, and they rock the house.

+1 for Monkeylectric, too!
I need new batteries for my SpokeLits already... but I really do like that side angle visibility.

I found a string of 10 LED lights with little candy canes on 'em that change colors that got me an "awesome!" comment going through campus. I just ordered some fiber optic battery powered "centerpieces" that I figure will pass for Christmas Trees if I dangle gold stars on them. I want to find a dove...

the word verification is "huffee" ... hmmm...
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