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Wednesday, November 12, 2008
By Michael

Within the next few days, I will be interviewing numerous cyclists in the professional peloton. Now is your chance to ask questions to professional riders that you haven't had the opportunity to ask before...

If you would like to submit a question to be asked, email me at CycleliciousMike@gmail.com. The current list of riders who are on for questioning are:
And we will be interviewing cancer survivor Chris Brewer of the Lance Armstrong Foundation as well.

If you have any questions for any of these people, be sure to email me by Noon EST on Thursday, November 13th. Keep an eye out for updates as more cyclists sign on for getting interviewed.

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Is it weird that I'm completely obsessed with bikes, but have absolutely no interest in bike racing whatsoever?
No, you're not weird.
is it weird enough that I know, for example:

Sayers: retired, no longer with BMC
Vogels: retired, Toyota-United also no more
Dominguez: Rock Racing not that T-U no more
O'Bee: Bissell, now that HealthNet is no more

racing, so volatile
actually, I had to look O'Bee up
...ok, kwc...you win...you are weird !!!...

...but because it's "bicycles" yer weird about, it's only a partially weird rating on the weird-o-meter...

...just sayin'...
KWC: I already suspected you're a sick puppy. You're as bad as those guys who memorize baseball or football stats! :-)
Michael: I think something that would be especially interesting (and get some links in) would be specifics on what kind of social media these guys use. Are they familiar with and do they use Facebook / Myspace / Twitter / Flickr? Do they read blogs? Which blogs do they like? Does Internet social media help them keep in touch with their friends and fans? Or is it all a distraction to them?

If they're Web 2.0 participants, what kind of technology do they use? Do they individually visit the websites? Do they use mobile phones (and which one? How many iPhone fans are there, vs Blackberry and other smartphones?) and what software tools do they use to maximize the use of mobile technology? Do they use an RSS aggregator like Google Reader to read blogs and other information resources?

If they're not Web 2.0 savvy, are they technophobes who are just fumble fingers around a computer?

And what do they think of BikeSnobNYC?
That's not weird.

What I DO find weird is that I know people who are really into bicycle racing, yet they drive a car to work.
"What I DO find weird is that I know people who are really into bicycle racing, yet they drive a car to work."

Hell yes.

If these pros use Twitter, they're merely supporting terrorism. Twitter is a terrorist tool:
Threat Watch
Enhancement: Shhhh! Be quiet! We don't want the Feds to catch on to us.
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