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Thursday, November 13, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Bike Hugger Byron posted a photo of his new Intel bicycle jersey, and several people responded with jerseys from VMware, Garmin, Microsoft and others. Here's my employer's jersey as modeled by Ahpook.

Ahpook behind!

Here's Keith the Googler who I saw in East Palo Alto a couple of years ago.

Googler in distress

Who has the coolest jersey in the tech industry? Make your contribution to the discussion here at Bike Hugger or in Byron's Flickr stream.

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Here is the TiVo one:
Another TiVo one:
I know for a fact Google supports bike commuting. That's great.
In the South Bay, Yahoo is the best among larger companies in promoting bike commuting, where 36% of employees get to work without driving solo. IMO, their jerseys are among the best and their purple bikes look nicer than the chintzy blue bikes that Google provides.
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