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Tuesday, December 23, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Bookmark and subscribe to Bike World News for the 2009 bicycle racing season. From January's Tour Down Under through October's Tour of Lombardy and beyond, Bike World News, home of "All The News That Sprints", delivers timely and accurate reporting of race results, products being used by the pros, team rosters and transfers, scandals and more. Bike World News distills cycling news from all over the world into a single, comprehensive and convenient resource for bicycle racing enthusiasts.

Along the way, Bike World News serves up fitness and nutrition news, "News of the Wheeled" (bicycle culture), techniques to keep bikes in tip-top shape, alerts of the latest bikes and components, and much more. The site is looking for additional contributors, so watch for expanded track, cyclocross and mountain biking coverage in the upcoming year as well.

See Bike World News.

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Are you going to be a contributor?
At first impressions, this site doesn't seem to be in the same league as (nope, I'm not affiliated with CN at all) as far as results go, plus it's more difficult to read.

Is Bike World News a new effort, perhaps a work-in-progress? They could trump CN if they offered very timely race results via RSS. Oh, and that would need to be full results, not just the top three or five, or whatever Velonews is providing.
@Al: No affiliation by me, other than the site owner (Ron) is a friend. we might do a little bit of collaboration here and there. I don't provide much real race coverage here at Cyclelicious so I don't mind directing people there.

@Anon: I'm sure Ron will appreciate your constructive comments -- I'll let him know.
I wish them well. I think it would be hard for anyone to have a lousier site layout than cyclingnews. It's so easy to get lost on that site!

I'm sure Ron is well aware of this. BWN already is easier on the eyes. Too early to judge the content.
Hi -

Ron @ BWN here. Yes, we are fairly new and we are hoping to continue to tweak race results and coverage in the next year.

We do publish via RSS and Twitter and there is certainly some possibility of doing results that way.

I'm still looking for folks to offer help on the site. If you're interested, use my contact page.
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